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I am happy that some have viewed this complaint.By one passing the word about this company can result in many not falling for their unethical business practices and the company losing money.

I do not even respond or open emails from this company anymore because it's the standard email, but will save all the emails and MAILER-DAEMON@n Failure Notice responses from this company for your review if I am contacted. All I wanted is my refund, but this company wish not to refund this little pocket change to them. I told this company, if I did not receive my refund, along with looking for a job, I will create a job, making sure others in my position do not lose money they don't have. This is just the first internet complaint site and direction I can go to warn against this company.

I will not stop until I receive my refund. If I receive my refund I will write a post, if I can remember all the internet complaint sites I placed the complaints. One day a week, will be totally working to warn others against this company, until they have the morals to return my money.

All I wanted is my refund.Now on to the next site.

Thank you all Jerry

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Felton, Delaware, United States #240168

The internet 340 Lemon Ave Suite #7092 Walnut, CA 91789 Advertises the Microsoft 2010 programs at a very good price.I ordered the program from this store and received the program.

I attempted to download this program the day I receive it and started to have problems right off. The store advertises a help section if you have any problems on downloads. That same day, and after several attempts to download this program, I contacted the company, where they said they would contact me within 24 hours. This store did not contact me.

For the next 4 days, I attempted to download this program, and done researches to attempt to resolve this problem. Every time I contacted to store, I continued to receive the same email back saying they will contact me in 24 hrs. I finally had to have someone that is advanced with computers attempt to download the software and he came to the conclusion the software was defected. I had to purchase more expensive software, which did download without problems.

I than attempted to contact to check on how I can return this software and receive a refund. They continue the same email, we get back to you in 24hrs. I have gone every direction I could to receive a refund from this company, now I am blocked from their emails. I have written and contacted California BBB and still have not received any responses on this problem.

I am out of work and needed this program...

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